Our EnvironmentAL (IM)PACT

At CLIQUE we take our commitment to creating a more sustainable future very seriously.


Here at Clique Fitness, we're always looking for ways to make our processes more sustainable and strive to reduce unnecessary waste.


We've been working hard to implement the following processes and are consistently changing to better suit our transparency goals.


We are always looking at new ways to continue improving our sustainability practices, including developing sustainable materials.


All CLIQUE Fitness products are created to fulfil a need, creating thoughtfully curated collections of pieces that are trans-seasonal and classic. We develop Limited Edition releases for our customers to ensure that we are never over-producing and minimising waste.


CLIQUE Product packaging likes to get down and dirty, but not in a trashy way. All CLIQUE packaging is fully home compostable, meaning you can compost CLIQUE product packaging at home and save it from the landfill. Products are packaged in "TÜV AUSTRIA OK Compost" Home compostable packaging. TÜV AUSTRIA packaging is developed specifically for a slower-paced home composting environment and it guarantees complete biodegradability in your garden compost heap.


You may have noticed a new green button at checkout - CarbonClick aims to help businesses offset the carbon produced by their product or activity. This allows our customers who are prepared to help, a simple, easy way to make their purchase carbon friendly. By clicking the Offset button, a small $ amount is added to your cart, but the money doesn't come to us. Instead, your Carbon Offset purchase goes directly to CarbonClick, where you will fund projects like forestry (planting trees). The more trees planted, the more emissions absorbed.