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The Iconic Auckland waterfront saltwater pools, Parnell Baths, have collaborated to extend summer for just that little bit longer. 

The CLIQUE Swim Vacation Zone offers a slice of summer paradise right in the heart of the city.

With bookable sofas and a comfy beanbag nestled in prime position poolside, each decked out with a luxurious "wish you were here" beach towel.  Sip on refreshing GoodSh*it soda and take away a stylish CLIQUE beach tote – the perfect summer accessory. COOLA has you and the fam covered with their Sunscreen Sprays to keep you chilling all day long. It’s the ideal way to extend those vacation vibes long after your holiday has ended.

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CLIQUE has announced a new collaboration with MG Motor NZ.
The partnership will see the team from CLIQUE Fitness enjoy the use of a new MG3 and ZS-T.

As part of the activation, people who scan the QR code on the promotional vehicles will have the opportunity to win prizes - including use of a new MG as well as CLIQUE Fitness products.

 “Many people who purchase the MG3 or ZS-T enjoy an active lifestyle and have identified sports and exercise as pastimes which spin their wheels, so partnering with CLIQUE Fitness is a great way to align two exciting and energetic brands,” said Arek Zywot, MG New Zealand Country Manager.

It’s an excellent opportunity to partner with MG and the promotion provides a great introduction to both brands. We know there will be many happy people driving a new MG to their favourite gym or exercise location wearing new CLIQUE Fitness apparel.


The Young Athlete Sponsorship program focuses on providing promising young athletes with the fitness gear they need to flourish in their chosen sport.

We ensure our sponsored young athletes have the high-performance pieces they need to train effectively and, in future, plan to provide access to information, people and product that will aid in their journey.

Sponsored athletes will also recieve access to industry mentors, partnerships, and CLIQUE industry events.


Clique have proudly partnered with Airrobe enable you to join the circular fashion movement and keep fashion out of landfill.

You can now extend the life of your purchases by reselling or renting your garments back into the circular economy after you’ve finished loving them.

Once you Add to AirRobe, we automatically pull all the details of your purchase and upload it into your private AirRobe account, ready for you to list later.

sweat with pride

The team at Clique Fitness are ecstatic to have an ongoing partnership with Sweat With Pride, which began in 2021. Everyone’s health should be a priority, and it is simply not acceptable that LGBTQI+ communities have worse health outcomes than their peers due to stigma and discrimination. As lovers of fitness, we know just how beneficial moving the body and getting sweaty is for mental and physical health, so we have made the commitment to rally for change. Our intention is to ensure that everyone, no matter their identity, gender or sexual orientation, feels welcome, supported, and loved.

Breast cancer foundation nz

For 2020, CLIQUE Fitness was a Gold Sponsor of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in NZ, with 9 women diagnosed every day. Because of this, we believe that raising awareness of breast cancer issues and educating all women about breast health is vitally important.

CLIQUE has proudly raised $43,020 for the NZBCF through the CLIQUE Pink and CLIQUE Malibu campaigns.


CLIQUE partnered with UE Boom on their “Paired for Life” campaign to raise awareness for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. Any CLIQUE customer who shared an image of them wearing CLIQUE Pink or CLIQUE Malibu, and tagged #pairedforlife in their post went in the draw to win their very own UE Boom. 

CoGo - Connecting Good

We’ve partnered with CoGo, an app helping to make sustainable and ethical living easy and provide you your real-time carbon footprint. We are proud to be onboard with CoGo to give our community the opportunity to test out CoGo’s real-time carbon footprint tracker & the ability to align their spending with their social and environmental values. You can download the free app here. It then takes just a couple of minutes to securely connect your bank debit or credit card account(s) using open banking, and you’ll be on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle. CoGo can be used with all the major five banks in NZ.

Marylou Faure

In 2019, Clique Collaborated with English artist Marylou Faure to create moving GIF images for fans to use on their instagram story posts. These gif images have now been viewed over one million times, and feature prominent CLIQUE branding.