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CLIQUE was created in 2017, by us, Bex and Carena West.

It’s hard to find the perfect pair of tights- we’d know. We’ve worked our way through Saggy, baggy, unflattering, unsupportive, see through, ugly, fugly and fally-downy so that we knew what the pinnacle of performance compression tights should be.What’s more, we knew the toll that clothing production can make on the environment was not all that (or a bag of chips) either.

So what did we do? We set out to change EVERYTHING.

CLIQUE FITNESS are the most perfect pair of compression tights in the world, created by women,
 for everyone. Everyone who wants their ass to look perfect and their cameltoe to stay hidden.
For everyone who needs workout support, from the ankles up. For everyone who wants to feel like they can conquer the world (or the gym). For everyone who knows that to be environmentally responsible, you don’t have to sacrifice performance.

So if you’re looking for tights that squat, stretch, compress, lift, accentuate and support, and still have time to save 26 plastic bottles from the landfill with every pair, we’ve got you covered.

CLIQUE FITNESS - where sustainability meets performance.